Do you shock your swimming pool and hot tub? Contrary to popular belief, shocking is NOT optional, nor is it used only as a reactive service correction. Why is it so important to the maintenance schedule for your #swimmingpool and #hottub?

Shock (aka Oxidizer) is an oxygen based non-chlorine shock that effectively removes contaminants (swimmers’ waste) and restores sparkle to pool water.

Shock (aka Oxidizer) Shocking is a routine and pro-active maintenance activity and it should be a part of your weekly schedule. Your shocking schedule will largely depend on the type of #sanitizer that you are using in your swimming pool or hot tub. Keep in mind that additional shocking may also be required, and is often recommended, after times of heavy bather loads. Shocking helps rid the water of organic wastes such as sweat and other contaminants that cause unpleasant smells. Shocking also restores your sanitizer to maximum efficiency.

PLEASE NOTE: Shocks are NOT equal. Inferior products can affect pH or cause haze to appear. Some oxidizers allow swimmers to re-enter the water as quickly as 30 minutes while others require 12 hours. We recommend you consult with a Pool Doctor Water Quality Expert for professional advice and instruction. Find out more about our Free Water Testing!

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