Maintaining your swimming pool or hot tub water can seem like a daunting task. Making a mistake with your maintenance routine and water testing can be costly. We are here to take the mystery out of water care. First, it all begins with well balanced water. We can test your sample right in our showroom in Traverse City.
Bring with you 8 oz of fresh pool or hot tub water (doesn’t matter the container – glass or plastic). When taking the sample, be sure to take the sample away from the water return. In addition to the water, make sure you know the approximate volume or dimensions of your swimming pool or hot tub. Having the correct water volume will ensure the results of the water testing are accurate for your body of water.
While you wait, your water will be quickly analyzed. We will provide you with an accurate easy-to-follow written recommendation, or prescription, of the plan to correct, balance and maintain your water for optimum performance.
You will find that in our showroom we feature a wide range of products from traditional chlorine, bromine and salt systems to the very latest in natural “green” products including Ultra Violet systems. At the start, if your source water is less than ideal, we carry pre-filters that remove over 99% of the metals and minerals that can stain and discolor your pool or hot tub. No matter your water situation, we have a solution for you.
Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for various water situations that you may have.
We provide analysis for chlorine, bromine, salt and ultra violet sanitizing systems.
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