Almost Heaven Saunas has been handcrafting beautiful home sauna models for over 40 years.

The full product lineup includes our signature outdoor steam barrel sauna and true-to-tradition indoor steam saunas that demonstrate in every detail our unmatched quality, durability, and value. Almost Heaven Saunas is a U.S. industry leader, supplying custom options to a growing market of individuals who are eager to experience sauna benefits that are typified by personal health, wellness, and relaxation.

High Quality Materials

While there are many ways to construct a sauna, these are manufactured exclusively from thick, solid lumber without the use of laminates or non-wood materials. This makes them perfect for handling the hot temperatures and steam produced by our high quality Harvia sauna heaters.
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Classic Series | Outdoor Saunas
The Classic outdoor barrel sauna series features full-length sauna rooms. The front and rear walls are positioned at the ends of the sauna for maximum interior space and full-length benches. Available in cedar or spruce, the Classic Series barrel models are easy-to-assemble kits that range from 2 to 8 persons in size.
classic outdoor saunas
canopy saunas
Canopy Series | Outdoor Saunas
The Canopy Series of barrel saunas feature an exterior canopy porch that provides charming ambiance for the outdoor yard, garden or patio setting. These models are modular kits that are available in cedar or spruce and can be built in multiple person sizes. Barrel saunas have several electric and wood burning heater options that are available based on the size of the sauna room.
Appalachia Series | Cabin Saunas
The Appalachia is a traditional cabin-style sauna that includes a changing room and front porch area. It can comfortably seat up to six individuals and includes a high-performance wood stove. This sauna is made in Finland by Harvia, sauna manufacturers of world renown.
cabin saunas
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Benefits of Saunas

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