The most asked question by swimming pool and hot tub shoppers is, “how much time am I going to have to spend maintaining this?”

We get it! You have a busy life. Can you really add one more thing to your chore list? The answer is entirely subjective.

Yes and No.

It can be time consuming IF you don’t establish a routine maintenance schedule. Here’s an example of what a week of a swimming pool owner might look like –

  • Remove any large accumulation of debris on the bottom with a leaf scoop.
  • Then, feed the pool with chlorine or other sanitizer to satisfy its requirements either manually or automatically.
  • Check that the water level is high enough for the pump to operate correctly.
  • Test and adjust sanitizer level (may require more frequent testing depending upon bather load and environmental conditions)
  • Visually inspect pool water for clarity, color and visible contaminants
  • Remove floating leaves and vacuum (as needed)
  • Test and adjust water chemistry
    • pH (may require more frequent testing depending upon bather load and environmental conditions)
    • Sanitizer (chlorine, bromine, salt) levels in the pool water
    • Alkalinity
    • Oxidizer and Stabilizer levels
  • Clean the tile at the water line
  • Check the filter pressure and backwash (only if required)
  • Add a preventative dose of algaecide (as necessary)
  • Shock the pool as per label instructions. This treatment restores the sparkle to the pool water and destroys germs and organic contaminants (can be done once every 2 weeks unless there is a high bather load)

If you keep up on the details like removing debris and maintaining the water chemistry, it doesn’t take long at all. Most importantly, if you do not keep up on these tasks, the water chemistry can get out of hand and it can wreak havoc on equipment and liners, not to mention the comfort of the swimmers. After this happens, it can take quite a bit of time to get the water back to a crystal clear and comfortable level.

To review, the rule of thumb is, just keep up on the weekly tasks and you won’t have to spend hours (and a lot of money) getting it back under control.

As any time of the year – whether your water is cloudy, green, red or crystal clear, we offer free water testing in our showroom. Our Water Quality Experts are here to make sure your swimming pool or hot tub are in tip-top shape.

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