Royal Spas. Experience a sense that …ahhh envelops you!

Aches, pains and stress melt away after a long day of work, running, cycling, golf or being stuck behind the wheel of a car. Cool nights and great times with friends, sharing a cozy spa that cradles you in calculated comfort. Even the stars look different from here. Alone or with a special someone, it’s the ultimate in peace and relaxation. The ease and pleasure of Royal Spa hot tubs remind you every day what matters most.
You may not realize the level of engineering and thinking that has gone into each Royal Spa hot tub design to let you rest easy and enjoy more.
Royal Spas offer customization just for you – these custom options include: jet placements, water and entertainment features are available upon request.
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    Royal Spa - Sultan
    Sultan – 7 Person Hot Tub

    If the party is at your house, you are ready!

    You can pile everyone in your Sultan. It’s varied seating accommodates everyone from the tall to the more vertically challenged and gives each, his or her own personal spot. The built-in “cool off” seat or kid’s spot makes it an ideal family spa as well.

    From the family of four, to the neighborhood block party, this spa has it all. You’ll have shoulder jets working on you like fingers to unwind the kinks from life’s daily stresses, upper and lower back to finish loosening you up, and foot jets as well as pressure point massages for your tired aching feet.