Check Your Hot Tub Everyday

It’s wintertime in Northern Michigan and you own a hot tub. To keep your hot tub healthy all winter long you will want to check four things on your hot tub daily.
What do you check?
First, you want to check to make sure your water level is above the jets. If your water level drops too much your tub will stop heating.
Secondly, make sure that your water is still heating. If not give us a call before it freezes completely – 231-947-4576.
Next, you want to run a jet cycle and move the water around and make sure that you don’t have a frozen jet. If the jets do not run all of the time, there is a possibility they could freeze so its a good idea to run them frequently.
Finally, it is very important that you check your chemical feed to ensure that you have sanitizer and the proper Ph in your hot tub.


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