April 17, 2014

Water Balance

Icky, cloudy, stinky, slimy, green, yucky brown water?

Let The Pool Doctor take the mystery out of water care… it all begins with proper water balance. The only items you will need are:

  • 8oz of your pool or spa water in a baggy, Mason jar, bucket…whatever you have!
  • An estimate of the water volume or the dimensions of your swimming pool or hot tub

We can quickly computer analyze the water and provide you with accurate easy-to-follow written recommendations so you can correct and maintain your water to its optimum performance.

We feature a wide range of products from traditional and salt systems to the very latest in natural “green” products including Ultra Violet systems. If your source water is less than ideal, we also have pre-filters that remove over 99% of the metals and minerals that can stain and discolor your pool or spa.

Newcomers and professionals alike find The Pool Doctor’s Testing Station a guaranteed time and money saver.   We have the most up-to-date testing systems and this valuable service is FREE to our customers.

We test the following sanitizers:

  • Bromine Sanitizer
  • Chlorine Sanitizer
  • Salt Water Systems
  • UV Systems