April 17, 2014

Swimming Pools


Buying a new swimming pool is much more than choosing a “size” or “price point”… 

Avoid the disappointment of what sounded like a good deal. Often retailers and the internet just try to sell you on low-cost or free shipping. Frequently they have little if any knowledge or experience in the swimming pool industry. They’re simply just trying to make a sale.

At The Pool Doctor, we’re just the opposite. We believe that showing you and explaining in detail all the various components allows you to make the best possible decision when chosing a swimming pool. After all, it’s your hard-earned money and we think you’re entitled to get your money’s worth.

A swimming pool is actually made up of numerous components:

  • The Frame component specs (top rail, wall, uprights, bottom rail, and skimmer)
  • The Structural materials (steel, polymer, or hybrid)
  • The Liner design (overlap, beaded, or expandable)
  • The Liner quality (virgin vinyl vs. chop recycled)
  • The Filter type and capacity (paper cartridge vs. sand or DE)
  • The Pump’s flow rate and HP
  • The Ladder design (comfort, ease of use, stability, safety)
  • The Cleaning Care Package (brush, skimmer, vacuum head, pole, backwash hose)
  • The Chemicals (Chlorine, non-chlorine, mineral)

Plus, there are many popular accessories and upgrades to consider:

  • Automatic chemical / mineral dispensers
  • Salt Chlorine Generator
  • Filter Pump Timer (saves time & energy)
  • Solar Heater (let the Sun heat your pool)
  • Solar Cover (keeps the heat in at night)
  • Solar Reels (quality and functionality)
  • Toys & Games Safety Equipment (life ring, hook pole, first aid kit)
  • Pool Krete Base (superior to mortar sand)
  • Pool Cove (smooths the bottom/wall transition)
  • Zeobrite (clearly superior to filter sand)
  • 2nd Return Line (provides better circulation)
  • Bottom Drain (provides better circulation and cleaning)
  • Beaded Liner Wall Hanger System (use with decking)
  • Winter storage cover and pillow
  • Auxiliary Lighting Fencing and Decking

We have great swimming pools and great low prices – Guaranteed!