May 15, 2014


Swimming Pool Opening Services

From swimming pool cover removal to cleaning to water balancing to a comprehensive systems check, our Service Pros fully prepare your pool for the coming summer season. We will also evaluate your equipment and make recommendations as to repairs or upgrades that may be required. Just bring your bathing suit and enjoy.

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Swimming Pool Closing Services

Short-cutting this important procedure nearly guarantees your pool will wake up in the spring icky, green and cloudy.  To remedy “the swamp” a significant investment of time and money is needed to correct a problem that could have been easily avoided. When our Service Pros put your swimming pool to bed for the winter, we use a proven scientific system consisting of special long-lasting shocks, algaecides, phosphate removers, balancers and enzymes to keep the water in top condition until its time to open.

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Swimming Pool and Filter Services

Keeping your pool crystal clear and shimmering is the responsibility of your filter system. In fact, a major cause of dull lifeless water is a poorly maintained filter. Have your pool filter inspected annually and replace the filter media every three years or as required. Our Service Pros provide this service and can keep your pool happy and smiling.

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Swimming Pool Leak Detection and Repair Services

Sometimes leaks happen and can be nearly impossible to locate. They can be in the liner, skimmer, main drain or even in the underground plumbing. Our Service Pros employ everything from pressure tests to specialized electronic sensors to pinpoint the problem. This allows us to quickly resolve the issue and that in turn will save you time, water and wasted chemicals.

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Swimming Pool Liner Replacement and Repair Services

There comes a day when that old liner simply gives up. The good news is that our Service Pros can install a beautiful new liner quickly and at surprisingly low-cost. Liners come in a wide array of colors and designs from which to choose. Our liner manufacturers use the latest 3-D computer modeling and cutting machines to assure the liner fits perfectly in your swimming pool.

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Weekly, Bi-weekly and Monthly Swimming Pool Cleaning Services

Some people love cleaning their swimming pool. If you’re not among them, our Service Pros can provide a customized service plan to meet your exact needs. We can even maintain your inventory of swimming pool care products and deliver them right to your pool house.

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The Pool Doctor, LLC - Swimming Pool Water Testing Services

Water Testing Services and Recommendations

Our computerized spin analysis equipment allows us to pinpoint your swimming pool’s exact water condition. We then provide you a detailed printed report with specific and recommendations to adjust or correct your water condition. Our in-store Service Pros have many years of analysis service experience and are Certified Commercial Pool Operators. Our customers receive this valuable service free of charge.

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