Royal Spa – Princess

Royal Spa - Princess

A perfect hot tub for one, two or three people. This model has one of the most comfortable loungers found in any spa. Foot jets, calf jets, and even palm jets combine to provide a great hydrotherapy massage.

four double pulsating jets for your upper and lower back
storm jet for the middle of your back
two air jets for your calves
two hydrotherapy jets for the bottom of your feet
two palm jets to offer therapy if you suffer from carpel tunnel problems or arthritis in your hands
It’s no wonder the Princess is rated as “Awesome” by our customers.

Our “hybrid” line of hot tubs are an optimal combination of technology, innovation and common sense.
Every Royal Spa hybrid hot tub includes:

3 Pumps ( 2 Full Sized, Smart Energy Hybrid Pump)
Bio-Lok® Microbe Shield
Cedar Cabinet
Underwater Lighting
Deluxe Step
Ozone Purifier
Chemical Starter Kit
Thermal Cover
SPA Command Center


Water Fountains
Starburst Lighting
Color Effect Lighting
Stack Stone Cabinet
Polymer Cabinet
Stereo System
Cover Lifter
Stainless Steel Jet Package
Fiberglass Pan
Nordic Energy Saving Insulation
Natural Hot Tub Nutrients
Custom Jet Placement
Medical & Ultra Jetting Package Upgrade

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