Having a swimming pool is a blast! Everyone has fun and it’s always exciting for kids (big and little!) show off their moves – their latest cannon ball with added flair, walking on their hands, how long they can hold their breath, racing a friend from end to end.  It’s all fun and games until someone gets a little bit silly, or tired and that’s when drowning and other accidents happen.

We’ve posted about swimming safety before, but really, we cannot say enough about being prepared for and preventing drowning and other accidents from happening in and around water.  We found this a lot of great resources for you to brush up on your water safety and prevention tips. Take the time and read them.  It’s never a bad idea to learn more about something so very important.

drowning preventionThe Ultimate Guide to Swimming Safety For Kids

Drowning can happen anywhere there is water — it can be in a bathtub, a swimming pool, a pond, a river, the ocean or a lake. For younger children, the most dangerous time is when there isn’t any supervision from an adult.

Water Safety Videos for Adults

Drowning isn’t always a dramatic event – most of the time you wouldn’t even know it’s happening unless you know the signs.

Here’s a video of the signs and symptoms of dry drowning and secondary drowning.

This is a great video that illustrates what actually happens to your body when drowning occurs.

Water Safety Videos for Kids

It’s just as important for you, as an adult, to know the risks and preventative measures to take when enjoying time around water, it’s equally important for your little ones to be aware of the rules of the water. Sometimes it’s difficult to convey these rules in a way that they’ll understand – or let’s face it, actually listen to.  Here are a few videos of fun and catchy ways to introduce water safety to your kiddos.

This video is great for preschool age – just the first 1:05 minutes pertain to swimming pools (but the rest of the video is good, too!).

This cute song/video breaks down pool safety in four simple steps:

  1. Learn to swim.
  2. Don’t climb or play with gates and fences.
  3. Stay away from drains in the pool or hot tub.
  4. Always ask a grown up before going in or near the water.

If you would like to bounce some ideas off our staff or don’t know where to start to make your pool area more safe, call or visit our showroom in Traverse City and we would be happy to help you make your outdoor oasis the safest it can be.  Loop-Loc Baby Fence, automatic pool covers, swimming pool alarms – the possibilities are endless.  Visit our Safety category in our online shop to get more ideas!


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  • Regina Dinges Posted 4:55 AM

    Swimming can be both exciting and dangerous at the same time. If parents lack of awareness about drowning, it could lead to something bad. Thanks for sharing the tips! I also agree that we should let kids learn how to swim as soon as possible. They love going to the pool in the summer and knowing how to swim can help to protect them.

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